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Our maintenance department is committed to keeping your airplane flying safely and legally. Our maintenance facility is equipped to perform maintenance, annual inspections, major repairs and alterations, major repairs and alterations, fabric recovering and more, on most General Aviation and agricultural aircaft. With top notch mechanics and years of combined experience, you can trust us to work for you.

Maintenance Rates

$85 Hour (Discounted rate for complete fabric recovering)
Shop Hours 8-5
OnCall 218.281.2625


Fuel Prices  (Prices are subject to change without notice!)

100LL - $4.19/gallon
JetA  -  $3.69/gallon  Cash or Credit Card


IPC (Instrument Proficiency Check)

Must meet performance standards as outlined by the instrument panel PTS


Tie Downs Fees 
$3.00   per night        $30.00 per month


Plug in  
$16.00  per engine
After Hours Fee                



Heated Hanger


$40.00   per night
Multi Engine          
$60.00   per night
Turbo Prop           
$95.00   per night
$175.00 per night